Nicole D. Sconiers is a screenwriter and poet
living in the sunny jungle of Los Angeles. She is
the author of
California Schemin’: The Black
Woman’s Guide To Surviving in LA, which tackles
the obstacles that many women of color face in
La La Land: casting couches, fake hair woes and
a culture obsessed with body image.

As a freelance writer, Ms. Sconiers has
interviewed movers-and-shakers such as Russell
Simmons, Spike Lee, John Singleton, Kweisi
Mfume, Kathy Hughes, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre,
Gabrielle Union, Vivica A. Fox, Gil Scott-Heron
and Luther Vandross, among others.

The Hampton University graduate has been
featured on KKBT The Beat, “The Literary
Review” on WDAS in Philadelphia and the
nationally broadcast entertainment journal
Radioscope. She was also a guest on the
popular BET talk show “Oh Drama!”   

Ms. Sconiers recently completed her first novel,
The Resurrección of Vida, a bittersweet journey
inside the glitterati world of a black entertainment
writer, Vida Donnevan, who develops an unlikely
friendship with John Marques, a militant Mexican
poet. During the course of their relationship, Vida
sheds her fashionista image and adopts a more
radical lifestyle. But on her journey from Fendi to
Fanon, a heart-breaking revelation threatens to
shatter her newfound confidence and freedom.

Dedicated to uplifting and enhancing the lives of
children, Ms. Sconiers volunteers with two youth
organizations: WriteGirl, which pairs professional
women writers with at-risk teens, and
Peace4Kids, which caters to children in the foster
care system. She also served as a judge and
creative writing mentor for the San Fernando
branch of the NAACP's ACT-SO enrichment

Ms. Sconiers is currently adapting
Resurrección of Vida
into a screenplay.

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