Lovely ... Lofty ... Loco?

The Resurrección of Vida is the story of Vida
Donnevan, a black dysfunctional diva plagued
by feelings of insecurity and invisibility. As an
entertainment writer in the City of Angels, Vida
is exposed to the glitterati world of industry
parties and entertainment galas. Although she
travels frequently beyond the velvet rope, she
still feels like an outsider. A small town girl, her
quest to find fame and fortune consumes her
so much that she suffers debilitating anxiety
attacks, and is obsessed with thoughts of
death. Vida fears she won’t make it to her
thirtieth birthday.

One night at a spoken word performance, she
meets John Marques, a fiery Mexican poet on a
mission to save the world. She's into picket
fences. He's into picket lines. They soon
develop an unlikely friendship. When Vida
discovers that John is a waiter, she fears that
his regulation shoes will clash with her Jimmy
Choos. But the militant spoken word artist
steals her heart. They bond over Nikki
Giovanni, tofu and a marginalized existence.

A passionate relationship ensues, and Vida
sheds her fashionista image for a more radical
lifestyle. On her journey from Fendi to Fanon,
she finds her own voice, but a heart-breaking
revelation threatens to shatter her newfound
freedom and confidence.

The Resurrección of Vida takes a compelling
look at black-and-brown relationships, and is
the story of love and liberation.

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